Welcome to Quokka Life

A dope NFT collection that empowers the Urban inclusive community. Our goal is to build a lifestyle brand and eco system where people can connect and thrive beyond the raw talents they’re gifted with. Join the movement!

Join the Community

We are creating a cool community on Discord. A spot where you can discuss Quokka but also a place to help each other move forward. The product is as strong as the team, the team is as strong as the community. Let’s build the realest community and get the Quokka going.



The Art

7,000 unique and well crafted Quokka NFT’s with over 340+ custom designed traits, stored on Polygon with a fair mint price.


Give Back

20% of our revenue is reserved for community projects, raffles, contests and donations for wildlife and preservation of the planet.



To build a lifestyle brand and eco system to support and strengthen the Urban inclusive community.


Holders Vote

Owning a Quokka Life NFT grants access to the inner circle of the club. Here you get to vote on topics that determine the direction we will go.


Coming soon!


Floating Fresh

Meet Michel Frissen, creative entrepreneur & designer, did lots of corporate design stuff, wanted to do something really creative again, started making Quokka’s.

Rockin’ Richie

Meet Ricardo Lima Pires social entrepreneur & community builder. Has lots of experience in IT projects & recruitment, always ready to connect the dots.


Meet SuPaMang (Crypto) investor, entrepreneur & professional dealmaker in sports, entertainment and business.

Xander Franklin

Meet Xander Franklin, our fashion director. Xander is an experienced fashion retailer and fashion developer. He is responsible for the various Quokka Life fashion lines.


Meet Roy Carnas, joined our Discord as a community member, which quickly evolved to helping us on a day to day basis. Roy will be active for Quokka Live as activity and community builder.


Meet Andy, our youngest member and intern. Andy helps promoting Quokka Life on Discord and is active in our community on a daily basis.


What is a Quokka?

Quokka’s are probably one of the coolest cute little animals you’ll find on the planet. First described by Dutch mariner Samuel Volckertzoon when he wrote of sighting “a wild cat” on Rottnest Island in 1658. They are part of the marsupials family just like Kangaroos, only smaller. Quokka’s live in groups and are known for the unique smile on their faces.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’. It’s a unique digital asset on the blockchain. Which means it is ‘one of a kind’. Quokka Life NFT is a digital art collection that will consist of max 10.000 unique art pieces.

How to obtain a Quokka Life NFT

Mint date will be announced soon. In order to have access to the launch you have to be on the whitelist. Whitelist spots are earned on Twitter, Instagram and our Discord. The first 100 Discord members will receive OG status which also gives access to the whitelist. You will need a crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet. Quokka Life can be minted on the Polygon network, directly from our website. Mint price: OG Early Presale: 50 Matic | Presale: 60 Matic | Public Sale: 80 Matic.

1. Download the metamask.io extension on your desktop browser.
2. Purchase Matic (Polygon) from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance.
3. Send Matic from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet.
4. On launch day, open the Quokka Life website and select the number of NFTs you wish to mint.
5. Click the β€œMINT” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection.
6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees.
7. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea.

NFT Distribution

The Quokka Life Collection will have 9,999 max NFT’s in total:

– Quokka Life 1st big drop: 7000 NFT’s πŸ’Ž
– Quokka Life Queens: 2000 NFT’s
– Quokka Life Special collab & unique customs 1000 NFT’s

100 NFT’s are reserved for give-aways and contests, 250 NFT’s stay with the team for future purposes.

Why Polygon?

Polygon (Matic) is a stable and growing Blockchain network in the NFT space. Since Quokka Life is a community driven project we want to make the NFT collection accessible to everyone. Due to the low gas fee’s we can go live with a fair Mint Price that stays fair upon purchase.

Is an NFT from Quokka Life a good investment?

Quokka Life is already one of the coolest avatar pictures on the block. And can become something really special in time and patience. We will do anything in our power to make this a key project in the NFT space. However, we can’t provide financial advice. Never spend money you can’t miss or don’t have on crypto or NFT’s.

What can I do with my NFT?

You can do with your NFT what you want, under Non exclusive license.

Resell Royalty

We are very transparent about maintaining a royalty. In order to keep serving our community and grow our brand we maintain a 7.5% royalty on every resell.


You can e-mail us at mail@quokkalife.club or contact us on Instagram and Twitter.

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